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Biological Products

Safe, biodegradable, biological products to help farmers solve problems

RIDEZ (Biological Extract)

Ridez is extremely effective on powdery scab, rhizoctonia, and seed born late blight. Ridez also has a very cost effective seed treat label, which destroys rhizoctonia, and late blight that could be on your seed. Seed treat also dries out seed piece in potatoes, preventing seed piece decay. Ridez contains ionic and nonionic surfactants for superior movement throughout the treated area.  Application at planting, along with seed treat shows best results for rhizoctonia, and powdery scab. Additional applications may be needed for powdery scab on thin skin varieties, depending on soil born pressure. If you are having problems with these fungal pathogens, and you are not getting good results from your conventional products, Ridez is an excellent alternative.

2 1/2 X 5s | 275 Gallon Shuttle

Em-UNE (Biological Extract)

Em-UNE is a biological extract developed to increase root health and mass. Em-UNE also helps control nematode and nematode eggs from developing, keeping populations to a minimum by rupturing the cell walls of juvenile nematode, and the eggs. Em-UNE is a very effective and safe biological extract that can be used as an alternative to conventional chemical products. See Research.

2 1/2 X 5s | 275 Gallon Shuttle

BunchaBUGS (Organic)

BunchaBugs is a highly concentrated solution of stable beneficial live microbes. These microbes are selected specifically to keep, and make available your N,P,K, and micro nutrients, which increases plant uptake, and growth. Can be added to starter, or planter band, (preferred), applied foliar, or added to your liquid fertilizer program. Excellent kick start for root vegetables, leafy, bulb, corn, and many other crops, (see label). Best results are achieved at planting, and mid season spray application. BunchaBugs is OMRI labeled, and is a very cost effective way to utilize your soil nutrients, and promote superior yields.

2 1/2 X 5s | 275 Gallon Shuttle


Biovate is a blend of very effective soil, and plant stimulants. Specifically formulated to accelerate germination, increase root mass, increase tuber set in potatoes and increase nutrient uptake. Best used at planting, and can be applied foliar. When used with BunchaBugs microbial development, and effectiveness is substantially increased. Noticeable rate of growth in many crops observed when using this combination.  This is a very low cost, effective product to increase the health and yield of your crops. Not for organic growers.


2 1/2 X 5s | 275 Gallon Shuttle

Bulk R (Biological Extract)

BULK R is an advanced generation of plant nutrients. These nutrients are complexed or chelated with organic and amino acids to greatly enhance nutrient uptake by plant tissue. Specially developed with low salt potassium to prevent plant toxicity. Applying after bloom can significantly increase yields. Must be applied by air or ground.

2 1/2 X 5s | 275 Gallon Shuttle