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Nutrient Products

5-5 PLUS (Dry)

5-5 Plus is an economical blend of micro nutrients, amino acids, nitrogen, and phosphate. This is a foliar blend that mixes extremely well with most liquids, and contains very high grade readily available nutrients. Can easily be added to planter band. Excellent bang for the buck! This is a dry formula.

50 LBS

CALBOR (TransMaxx Technology)

Calbor is produced with TransMaxx Technology. A water soluble, foliar fertilizer that is rapidly absorbed into the plant. Helps prevent IBS in potatoes, increases bulking in fruit crops, and bulking in nuts. Reduces flower drop, and increases plant immunity. Will not burn crop foliage. Used in foliar applications and planter band.

2 1/2 X 5s | 275 Gallon Shuttle